This is an excerpt of information available on our Swedish web site. You are very welcome to e-mail us if you have any questions. Please use Swedish, Danish, Norwegian or English.

About us

We, Gustavsbergs Porslinsfabrik (HPF i Gustavsberg AB), is a Swedish, privately owned company.

The company was founded in 1825 and has been in continuous operation since then, under different owners. Last change of ownership occurred in 1996.

Our products are manufactured in Gustavsberg, 20 km east of Stockholm. The factory has been in the same building since the 1940s and we mostly use old methods in manufacturing and a lot is made by hand.

As the only porcelain factory in the Nordic region, we manufacture bone china porcelain, ranging from full sets of tableware to customised mugs and plates. We also manufacture pots and oven-proof stoneware. Our porcelain and stoneware are stamped with an anchor stamp similar to the one introduced in 1839 and the text “MADE IN GUSTAVSBERG SWEDEN”.

A large number of artists have contributed to the design of our products. Most frequent are Siv and Stina Juhlin, Stig Lindberg, Ingegerd Råman, Margareta Hennix and Signe Persson Melin.

We manufacture bone china porcelain and stoneware for professional kitchens, private consumers, companies, and museums. Tableware with personalised décors is a specialty of ours.

Our products

All things related to manufacturing, from the making of plaster moulds to the packing for delivery, are carried out in Gustavsberg, 20 km east of Stockholm.

Most steps in the manufacturing process are done by hand, all assembly lines used in the 1970s are gone. We do have some machines to help us form the porcelain body, though.

The bone china is fired at least twice, firstly for about 24 hours in more than 1200 degrees Celsius and secondly, after glazing, overnight at approximately 1100 degrees Celsius. If we put on printed décors, the porcelain is fired a third time at 800 or 1100 degrees depending on colour.

On the page Tillverkning, you will find a couple of videos showing the manufacturing process in 2009.

This is a brief summary of the pages on our various series and décors.

Bone china porcelain

Dinnerware (Serviser i benporslin)

Plates, bowls, tea- and coffeeware etc.

  • Bas – (Base)
  • Natur (Nature)
  • Sommar (Summer)
  • Bubbel (Bubble)
  • Allmoge (“Peasantry”)
  • Dresden
  • Fem Myror (Five Ants)
  • Liljekonvalj (Lily of the Valley)
  • Sailor

Décors of Stig Lindberg’s design (Stig Lindbergs dekorer)

Mainly tea- and coffeware.

  • Adam
  • Aster Blå (Aster Blue)
  • Aster Röd (Aster Red)
  • Berså (Arbour)
  • Eva
  • Prunus (Plum)
  • Ribb (Lath)
  • Salix Röd (Willow Red)
  • Salix Svart (Willow Black)
  • Turtur (Turtledove)


For the dinnerware series Bas, Natur, Sommar and the décor Allmoge there are some pieces of stoneware which can be put in the oven.

Ingegerd Råman’s Domino and Margareta Hennix Format are also suitable for the table.

We do also manufacture various flower pots and the special bowls Svenska Djur designed by His Royal Highness Prince Carl Philip and Oscar Kylberg.

Content to be added.

Problems related to undetected faults in the production, such as crackling glaze and plates cracking in a microwave, might occur. We leave five years of warranty for problems like that. Please contact the shop whence the item was bought.

Complaints about quality, such as missing or wrong colour, stains, and missing glaze, should be directed to the place where the item was bought. If bought directly from us, this should be done preferably within a fortnight after the item was received.

For discontinued décors, we normally guarantee that items can be bought from us for five years after production had ceased. However, if discontinuation is caused by changes of e.g. colours we buy from a third-party supplier, and we cannot recreate the correct tint again, the production guarantee cannot be met. You are very welcome to contact us by e-mail if you have any questions about this.


We have many retailers in Sweden. Some have our products in their shops, some will order from us when asked. Largest in Stockholm is NK on Hamngatan. On the page Återförsäljare, you will find a map with those that have bought goods from us recently.

Contact us for additional names and addresses.

We have retailers in e.g. Finland (Åland), Germany, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and the US.

Contact us for names and addresses.

E-commerce has increased rapidly. We have many retailers with online shops in Sweden as well as abroad. Our largest partners in Sweden are Royal Design and Design Online.

Our physical shop

On the bottom floor of the factory in Gustavsberg, we have a shop where we sell our second-grade porcelain and stoneware.

The address is Odelbergs väg 1C, Gustavsberg

The shop is open:
Monday-Friday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Saturday, Sunday and public holidays 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

The shop is closed:
Midsummer (a Friday and Saturday in June), Christmas (24-25/12), New Year (31/12-1/1).

Our webshop

If you are a Swedish resident with a “personnummer” you can buy first-grade porcelain and stoneware from us. Welcome to our webshop!

This is a brief list of answers to frequent questions from our retailers and as well as retailers to be. Detailed conditions are available on our price list.

Order and when to expect delivery

  • When ordering, there is no minimum amount.
  • There are no volume discounts.
  • Orders are sent to us by e-mail.
  • We manufacture on order. The goods are normally ready for shipment within four weeks (depending on the size of the order).

Shipment and freight costs

  • We use DHL Freight for domestic shipment and DHL Express or DHL Air for international deliveries. Freight fees are calculated based on weight and volume.
  • When the retailer has a customer abroad (e.g. e-commerce retailers), they handle the delivery to the customer.
  • If the retailer is registered as a Swedish company and the invoice is to be paid by the retailer, we send the invoice when the goods have been fetched by DHL.

Invoice and payment

  • When the order is ready for delivery internationally, we request a freight proposal from DHL, add the amount to the invoice and e-mail it to the retailer. The invoice is to be paid before we release the goods to DHL.
  • A retailer is welcome to arrange delivery with any other provider. In that case, we will not include freight on our invoice. Information about weight and volume will be released when the invoice has been paid.
  • Payments are done to our bank account. Credit cards are not accepted.


  • Our products are sorted into first- or second-grade quality. A quality criteria document in English can be requisitioned by e-mail. The Swedish version is available on the page Sorteringsnormer.
  • Complaints should be sent to us by e-mail.
  • If the complaint is about a product, please attach photos if possible. Please read the quality criteria document first (see above).
  • Retailers are expected to send quality complaints within a fortnight after the shipment has been received.


  • We use e-mail to send newsletters, price lists etc. Please make sure that we have a valid e-mail address for your company.




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